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Put out the SocialVibe!

April 5, 2010

I just wanted to remind everyone about the widget I added a few months ago that donates to the United Nations World Food Programme.  It’s called SocialVibe and it’s directly to the right of this post in the column with the tag cloud, archives, search field, etc.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take a couple of extra minutes to check it out!  MFAB doesn’t get crazy traffic, but I still think we could do better than we’ve managed.  So far, eight meals have been donated on MFABs behalf.  I know I contributed to seven of them, so a HUGE THANK YOU to whoever the one other person is who took the time with the widget!  Sincerely, thank you!  You made a difference to someone for a brief moment in their life!

Doesn’t that feel good???

Also, New Yorkers, the recent change in weather/season means one thing…RAMPS! (And of course, beautiful weather.)  Delicious on both counts!  Head to the Greenmarket (I prefer Union Square, open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) and pick some up!  For all your Greenmarket needs in the future, check out Grow NYCs website at

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